Vladimir Putin

Keyserlingk, Robert W.

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The three different spheres of the world, as outlined in the speaker's address of 18 months ago: the free world, an inbetween world (an area for which both the free world and the world of Communist domination were putting in a bid, and thirdly, the ever vaster Red Empire. Today, the three reduced to two. Gains and losses over the last 18 months to each of the free and Communist spheres. The veritable ice curtain stretching across the Arctic. Soviet Russia's tremendous strides in the development of Northern Siberia. The Soviet's depopulation policy. Canada as Soviet Russia's closest riparian along the ice curtain. The importance of the North in terms of meteorological observation. Strides in the responsibilities which have been placed on Canada's shoulders in the international field. The most ominous statement which came out of Moscow on the occasion of their 30th anniversary of the Revolution with regard to the destruction of Western Society through a third world war. Finding ourselves divided into two camps. The studies in frustration which are the memoirs of American Ambassadors sent on special mission of friendship and goodwill to Moscow. The complicated battle against Communism, and why it is so complicated. Remembering the lesson of history of the Maginot line. Our defence which must be military, and more than military. The exclusion of knowledge of the West as one the great defences of Communism. Countering Communism with conviction in our freedoms and liberties. Canada now becoming a border nation amongst the few remaining free ones.