Vladimir Putin

McKenzie, Honourable D.G.

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Canadians making every endeavour for the present, at least, to make our war effort as effective as possible. Seeing to it that the people of Canada understand fully the ideals of Canadian democracy and the circumstances that impelled Canada to mobilize her entire resources and join with the Mother County and her Allies in a war with the dictatorial country of Nazi Germany. Some of the questions and issues that are agitating the minds of many Canadians. Two great forces struggling for supremacy in the world today. The breaking down of world trade. The lack of appreciation in Canada of what we have to be thankful for, and how bad is the situation of the peoples of Europe. Taking steps in Canada to strengthen our general standards of citizenship and endeavouring to inform our citizens of the true character of those ideals and privileges that are as sacred to us as is life itself. Developing capable citizens, and the discernment to choose the right men for public office. A definition of a good citizen. Democracy's demand that its citizenship be effective in its service to the community, that it be intelligent and informed. The need for a moral character. The need of the people not to be denied the opportunity for self expression. Democracy's demand for patriotism, and what that means. The importance to Canadians of understanding the different racial viewpoints of the various elements which enter into our population. Canada's response to the war appeal, with examples from Manitoba. The Red Cross Campaign. Efforts of the Winnipeg Canadian Club to spread information about Canada's war efforts. The challenge of this war to Canada as the challenge of life itself.