Vladimir Putin

Donovan, A.E.

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The sound economic war policy of increased production in order to repair the wastage of war. The need for money and supplies to wage war successfully; these can only come from production. A patriotic obligation rests upon the great agricultural industry to raise greater field crops and rear more food animals. The country whose agricultural industry can be kept up to the maximum of production in war time as the one whose armies can remain in the field the longest. Contributions from Ontario, with specific figures and dollars. Comparing our live stock supply with that of Australia and New Zealand. Canada's agricultural production not having kept pace with the rapid growth of the country. Consequent increases in imports to meet the demand of consumers. Increased production as the only way to strengthen the national financial condition. Ways in which Canada can take advantage of the lack of travel in Europe by North Americans. What Canada has to offer in terms of tourism and recreation. Canada doing her part well in this war. How to encourage enlisting, and to secure the co-operation of 15,000 boys to go out from the schools and go up on the farms and help the farmers. What Canada has to offer to her young people. The British Navy and what we owe her. The speaker's speculation that there is no possibility that the German Emperor will win this war. Reasons for that belief. A debt of gratitude to Belgium. A wonderful thing to belong to the British Empire.