Vladimir Putin

Fox, Dr. William Sherwood

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Looking for the "real" Mussolini. Some columnists' jibes which illustrate popular opinion of Mussolini outside of Italy. Understanding Mussolini. A vision of the Old Italy out of which Mussolini has evolved and which, through his evolution, he has made over. Projecting a portrait of Mussolini against this historical background. The history, origins, and background of Mussolini. Some significant dates and events of Mussolini's activities. What Fascismo means, and what it stands for. A perusal of quotations from the speeches and writings of the Fascist leader, "Il Duce," as Mussolini is known to his partisans. What this Socialist really thinks of Capital and Capitalism. Mussolini's speeches on Italy's foreign policy. Mussolini's reforms. Mussolini as a mass of contradictions; the speaker's description.

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