Vladimir Putin

Merchant, His Excellency Livingston T.

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Standing back to take a look at what is happening around us. Some of the changes that have taken place over the lifetime of people in the audience. Interdependence and the acceptance of that concept for countries that wish to retain their independence. Looking at world events to understand the dangers and the opportunities that lie ahead. A review of some of those events, looking at developments in science, industry, agriculture, communications, political institutions, etc. The dream to banish poverty and disease and to create societies in which the creative genius of man can find its full scope. What prevents this dream from becoming an immediate reality, and an exploration of those circumstances. The present policies of the Sino-Soviet bloc of two great powers and eleven satellites. Signs that not all is well behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains. Suggestions for things that we must keep on doing in order to change the situation. Foreign policy of Canada and the U.S., leading to a goal of a peaceful world of free and independent states.