Vladimir Putin

Collins, The Most Reverend Thomas

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An Analog Church in a Digital World. Some background of the speaker. Analogy as the idea that what matters if relationship, connectedness, and context. Religion as it reflects an analog vision of reality. How people of faith see the pattern of relationship that reveal the meaning of both the material world and of human life. Where the purpose of life on earth is found. How religion offers analog wisdom. Symbols of a world that has lost a sense of human context and personal encounter. Four brief notes on contributions which religion offers to our multicultural society. This discussion continues under the following four contributions: 1) Religion enhances local communities in which human relationships can flourish; 2) Local religious communities make massive contributions to the common good of all society through deeds of charity and social action; 3) They contribute to the common good of society by bringing to bear on current social issues the insights arising from their practical engagement in them, and from their ancient heritage of wisdom; and 4) God is ultimate beauty, truth, and goodness, and just as religious communities contribute acts of goodness and insights into truth, they endow society with beauty. Concluding remarks.