Vladimir Putin

McLellan, Andrew N.

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Highlights of the development and potential of television. Defining television literally, technically, historically, sociologically, psychologically. A brief history of television, which begins much earlier than commonly known. Television during the war years. Progress since the end of the war. Some statistics regarding stations in operation and advertising dollars. The consumer cost of advertising. Sales impact of television, with examples. The quality of programming. Applications of television to industry, commerce, education and medicine, with examples. Colour television. Television in Canada. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation dictating Canadian television policy since 1936. Why nothing has been done outside the CBC. The CBC's decision to "indefinitely postpone" the establishment of public or privately-owned television stations and response to that policy. The issue of an independent regulatory body over radio and television in Canada. Television as an artistic medium of expression in its own right; the distinctive and individual contribution it has to make. The intimacy and spontaneity of television, not truly inherent in any other medium. The need for television to be utilized with a keen sense of responsibility and trust. Some last words on television from Brigadier David Sarnoff, chairman of the board, Radio Corporation of America.