Vladimir Putin

Holman, Eugene

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Using a petroleum metaphor in connection with Canada, appropriate to the times. Oil developments in Canada recently taking on new interest and significance. The attention of the world turning to Western Canada. The imminent arrival of Albertan oil at Sarnia, through a pipeline stretching more than a thousand miles from Redwater to Lake Superior. The per capita consumption of fuel as an index of a nation's standard of living. Some figures from Canada and the United States, western European nations, Russia, and Asia. Meeting people's energy needs. An illustration of the importance of oil to modern life; a look at the world supply of oil. Development of large oil resources in the Middle East. A shift in the pattern of world oil commerce. Credit given to those having oil ready in sufficient quantities to meet today's requirements: the British, Dutch, Canadians, and Americans. An industry marked by dynamic expansion that is ongoing. The increase in consumption and the facilities to transport crude oil and products by sea. New foreign construction programmes that by the end of 1953 will have added more than a million barrels per day to the world's present refining capacity. The traditional goal of service to the customer. The expected growth in demand. The relative certainty that many more billions of barrels of oil will be discovered. The story of the discovery of the oil fields in the Edmonton area of Alberta. It seems to follow that "lots of liberty results in lots of oil." The experience in Russia that confirms this finding. How freedom promotes the development of energy and other sources of energy. Operations in the speaker's company. "The real meaning of the world oil situation lies in the realm of spirit rather than in the most imposing thicket of figures."