Vladimir Putin

Carney, Ralph W.

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A summary review of the situation over the last few years, and now in terms of the war with Germany and the war with Japan. The speaker's belief that this year will see Germany complete defeated, but not Japan. The independence and freedom of China as our common problem, and why that is so. Why the speaker feels that the much-awaited V-Day will be the most dangerous day of the war for both the United States and Canada. The Bond Campaign. The need to complete "An Unfinished Task." The speaker reviews the situation with Japan, using a large map set up behind him to point out crucial aspects of the war effort. A more realistic estimate of Japan's strength. An examination of the strategic military differences between fighting a war in Europe and fighting a war in the Pacific. The nature and characteristics of the Japanese soldier. The impossibility of destroying their manpower; the need to destroy their productive resources and their means of making weapons. A review of the area that Japan controls. What will be needed to destroy, not defeat, the Japanese Army in Asia and their military might in their own homeland. The need for faith, and the power to follow through. Discouraging Japan.