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Hare, Dr. Kenneth

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Some numbers about electric power which comes from nuclear reactors. Some events in that field, including the explosion and fire at Chernobyl. The appointment of the speaker, in 1986, by the Government of Ontario as sole Commissioner of a safety review to answer the question: "Are the reactors safe?" The five things on which safety is dependent. A review of all five points in some detail. An exploration of accidents that have happened, and that could happen. A key to safety through effective regulation by an agency independent of the utilities. The Atomic Energy Control Board Act. Recommendations for the AECB. An overall judgment that reactors are being operated safely and at a high level of competence. Recommendations for further review. No safety grounds for abandoning the nuclear option, with provisos. The need for Canada to listen to their technically competent scientists, physicians and engineers in matters of this kind, and to assess as objectively as possible the claims and counterclaims about dangerous technology such as nuclear fission.