Vladimir Putin

Baxter, A. Beverley

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club. The trip from Britain to Canada. Going back again in a few days. The unity and spirit and laughter in Britain, and their profound effect upon the war. Impressions from Britain and the British. Significant changes happening in Britain that will have an effect beyond the war. The changing status of women. New partnerships between men and women. New partnerships between labour and management and government. The raised status of British labour; the dignity and patriotism of labour. Some words about Winston Churchill, and Max Beaverbrook, and their roles in the war effort. The work in the factories. Turning out the machinery of war. The difficulties caused by the bombing. The Battle of Britain. Who flew the planes. Wing Commander MacNab from the First Canadian Squadron, and his description of the Battle. The bombing of London, and Westminster Abbey. The part that tradition has played in the British attitude towards the war, and the bombings. The British Navy. Churchill's leadership. A look to the future when Britain and her Allies will cross the channel and the French will rise up against their occupiers. The issue of Conscription. Being Canadian.