Vladimir Putin

Lowassa, The Rt. Hon. Edward N.

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A repeated appeal to governments in rich countries like Canada, to business and collateral governments, to work together to ensure that Africa's abundant natural resources not only contribute to their country's economic development but also that such rich resources should produce blessings not curses. Negotiations with mining companies to review contracts. Barrick Gold Tanzania. Tanzania as a highly prospective geological setting. Gold and other base metals in Tanzania. Oil and gas in Tanzania. Tourist attractions. Investment opportunities. What makes Tanzania a best choice for a next investment decision. Tanzania's investment in infrastructure. Power generation through bio-fuels. Exploitation of natural resources in Tanzania. Encouraging dialogue with Canada. Major economic reforms in Tanzania over the last 15 years towards private-sector-led development and market-oriented economic management. Other important factors. Creating a conducive investment climate in Tanzania. Why the speaker thinks the audience should consider seriously investing in Tanzania - summary remarks.