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Smith, F.E.; Lygon, The Hon. Henry; Chamberlain, Norman; Murray, John

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Mr. F.E. Smith, M.P.: The results of the election which has recently taken place in England. The English people, pronouncing once for all, quite decisively, upon the issue of Tariff Reform. Attacking a long-standing dogma. Appreciating the significance of the letter which Mr. Balfour wrote recently to Mr. Chamberlain; an explanation of the significance. A circumstance which to the speaker is infinitely more encouraging: that those who are strongest in favour of the policy of Tariff Reform in England are not the rich who, according to the opposition, are going to profit most by it, but the working men who are told they are going to be deprived of their daily bread. Canadians opposed to Tariff Reform and the arguments advanced by them. The view that many have taken in England. Looking forward to the day when Empire Clubs are unnecessary due to everyone holding Imperialist views. Attaching some belief to the marvellous destiny which has always seemed to direct things right in spite of the occasional errors of one's statesmen. The Hon. Henry Lygon: Adding to Mr. Smith's remarks concerning the relations of the two great parties in England to the Colonies, and concerning their attitude toward the Imperial issues. The fact that England and the British Empire are governed on the party system; that it is chiefly through the medium of one party or the other that great issues can be brought to a conclusion. The justification of Englishmen in having allowed the question of Tariff Reform to be a party question. Mr. Smith claiming to represent the Conservative party; this speaker representing a very large section of opinion in the University of Oxford. Witnessing an increasing feeling of affection for the British Empire, stimulated by Mr. Chamberlain. Looking to Mr. Chamberlain as leader. Comments on the speaker's visit to Toronto and Canada. Mr. Norman Chamberlain: Feeling at home in Canada. Accounts of Mr. Chamberlain's health and their lack of veracity. Tariff Reform which will not die along with Mr. Chamberlain. Mr. John Murray: Learning to a much larger extent the definition of two words: proportion and kindness. Being made to feel at home.