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The current crisis in Canada; deeper in its national significance, and more perturbing in its possibilities, than any in Canada's history. Three basic causes for unrest and dissatisfaction, as expressed by French Canadians collectively. Beliefs of others in French Canada as to the more complex reasons for Quebec's situation. Reasons that are inherent in the nature of French Canada itself. What is changing. A review and explication of factors which have contributed, historically, to today's problems. How the forces and trends which have moulded Quebec's economy have, to a very great extent, by-passed French Canadians. Quebec's education system. A failure to recognize any necessity or obligation to prepare French Canadians for key positions in their trade or business. Two fundamental assumptions of the movement towards economic liberation, undertaken three years ago by the Lesage government. Steps towards implementing these basic principles. The frustrations arising from a backward educational system and non-Quebec control of business. The part played by the federal civil service. A suggestion for an effective way for English-speaking Canadians to develop a sympathy for their French-speaking partners. The request of French Canadians today. Some important things that French Canadians are NOT seeking. The aspiration of French Canada. All of us seeking answers in the goal of Confederation, in our forefathers' reasons for establishing unity and for maintaining duality. Strengthening the bonds of unity within Canada.