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Kerr, Philip

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The political situation, the economic situation in the Old Country today. Whether Great Britain is reasonably well-equipped to weather the storms which lie ahead. Three factors of the British recovery: the return to power at the election of 1931 of a National Government which marked the end of a period of minority governments which are essentially unstable; the vigour and the success with which that government balanced the budget; trade protection, with a brief discussion of each. The result of a reduction of unemployment in Great Britain by about 700,000 men and women, a recovery of business, considerable expansion of capital industry, and a small reduction in export trade. Figures to show that the problems are not yet solved. The need for the nations to set to work to restore international trade before full recovery can occur. The probability that there will be a general election in Great Britain in 1935 or 1936. A mild prophecy, but first an analysis of some of the problems of a political character in Great Britain today. A detailed analysis of the Indian problem. Nationalism as the strongest political force in the modern world. The future in India. An analysis of the views and actions of the Conservative and Liberal Parties with regard to the issue of India. The speaker's confidence in Great Britain today, a quiet optimism, and why. Criticism of protection, having admitted its advantages to Great Britain for the last three years; a detailed discussion. Conditions under which Democracy will again begin to spread and the whole theory of the League of Nations will be recovered and we may enter an era of peace and prosperity.