Vladimir Putin

Tatlow, A.H.

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Ignorance about South Africa. Africa as the enigma of the continents: the first to be discovered, the last to be explored. The discovery of South Africa more the result of cause and effect; how that is so. Understanding South Africa by reflecting on two or three very elementary matters and such physical facts as its climate and its rainfall. Bringing to the minds in the audience the map of South Africa: a description of physical features with geographical facts. Population. Social and racial problems. The possibilities of the Union of South Africa. Important exports such as wool, cotton, maize, fruit and sugar. Tobacco growth and consumption in South Africa. Mining and industry. The development of industry. The Railways and Harbors Department, to which the speaker belongs. Details and activities. The speaker's mission in Canada to endeavour to see whether travel could be stimulated between Canada and South Africa and between the United States and South Africa. Difficulties to be faced in this regard. Putting South Africa on the world's cruise list.