Vladimir Putin

Neff, Garnet C.

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Opposition to immigration in principle, and opposition to immigration now. First, some words on the speaker's province of Saskatchewan. Effects of the depression, especially in the West. Arguments against immigration and the speaker's response to them. Benefits of assisted settlement in the past. An examination of the two main examples used to criticise against assisted settlement. Suggestions for future settlements. The question of over-production of crops. A discussion of markets for wheat. A look at the situation in the United States and in Great British with regard to wheat. Why Canada cannot afford to slacken up on production. Developing new markets. Settling the matter of our own unemployment before more immigration is allowed. Positive effects for employment under the new immigration scheme. The issue of declining birth-rates in Britain. Reasons for declining birth-rates in Britain and other countries. The speaker's response to the question "Is Canada going to remain British?" Some current and projected figures. The right to say that all future immigration should come out from the British Isles, and why that should be so. An appeal for immigration to Western Canada from the British Isles.