Vladimir Putin

Clarke, Prof. F.

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The relationship between this vast business of education and the process we all talk about so much nowadays called "reconstruction." The idea of reconstruction and the too mechanical suggestions about it. Warning against reconstruction. The need rather for reinspiration. What the speaker means by educational. Some thoughts on democracy. Problem of democracy not really faced in the nineteenth century. Reinspiration yet to be found. Testing the ideas which are the basis of democracy. Education in the British Commonwealth as the testing ground for these ideas. Education as the great issue of our time. Restoring the unity we have lost since the time of the Greeks when the Greeks realized that at the bottom education and government were the same thing; getting back to that. An examination of the British Commonwealth. The speaker's suggestion that the continued existence of the British Commonwealth is itself a democratic issue in the broad and deepest sense. A definition of the British Commonwealth. The effects on the Commonwealth of the diversity of cultures within it, with examples. The ideas of the Commonwealth; the real thing that has bound us together, with illustration. The democratic order of life as the real spiritual bond between us. The philosophy lying back of the new Institute of Education as introduced as an integral part of the vast scheme described by Lord Macmillan. The essential idea the adoption of this democratic means. Inspiration which is the very life blood, the very spirit of the Commonwealth. The role of Canada and the other Dominions. A concluding quote from Professor Elliott of Harvard.