Vladimir Putin

Tarr, Dr. E.J.

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Why this particular subject was chosen by the speaker. Some recent facts about the background to the problems in Ireland, from 1914. The Home Rule Bill and its effects. The moral position of De Valera and the repudiation of the land annuities. The speaker's experiences in Dublin, arriving just a few days after the election in July of 1937. An examination of the Constitution. The External Relations Act. The question of the British connection and its role in the election. The economic issues. The result of the economic war for the Irish Free State. How and why De Valera did as well as he did in the last election. The speaker's impression of Cosgrave, General Mulcahay, and of Senator Gogarty. The attitude toward Great Britain and the Commonwealth generally by the Irish people in the Free State. The danger inherent in the situation which now exists. The speaker's impression, on leaving Ireland, that it would have been better, in the interests of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, and Ireland itself, if De Valera had had a comfortable working majority as the result of the last election, and reasons for that impression. The difficulty of answering the question "What next in Ireland?" The serious threat and danger to the security of Great Britain. Finding solutions by gaining sympathetic understanding of the aspirations of the Irish people; recognizing the long centuries of progress for which our ancestors were responsible and trying to develop an attitude in Canada which will make the Irish people feel that they want to continue to be associated with us as a nation in a British group.