Vladimir Putin

Grossman, Larry

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The issue of the provincial government's drive to pass the "Health Care Accessibility Act," legislation designed to end extra-billing by Ontario physicians. The speaker's background, especially as Minister of Health, and some of his experiences during that time. Some basic questions about the way health care policy is developed in Ontario and whether the system can keep pace with the changing demands for health care in the eighties. A review of those questions and issues and how they were dealt with during the time that the speaker was Minister of Health. Now, the escalating confrontation between the Government of Ontario and the province's physicians. The common belief by all three political parties in the fundamental principles of universality and accessibility. Differences in how to achieve these basic principles. A detailed exploration and discussion of those differences, with a critical focus on the present government. Some concluding remarks about what the speaker feels is needed for health care reform, and some suggestions as to what can be done.