Vladimir Putin

Eaton, Rev. C.A.

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Our choice between Democracy and Bolshevism as the foundation upon which we are to construct a new age. Contemplating the results of the German assault upon human liberties. Democracy and its persistence against adverse conditions down the centuries, as described by De Tocqueville. Bolshevism as the new claimant which undertakes to divide the suffrage of the world with triumphant democracy. The nature of Bolshevism and why it will fail. Admitting problems with democracy. Some tremendous issues which must be faced, such as the relationship between the nations and the future relationship between the citizen and his government. Incidents that illustrate the disadvantages of Socialism or Bolshevism. The possibilities of introducing the principles of political democracy, for which we consider this world war was fought, into the realm of industry. The speaker's belief that this can be done, and on what he bases that belief. Instances to illustrate the progress of industrial relations. Some suggestions from the speaker. The need to extend through all realms of life a oneness of moral standard. Ensuring a high character and intelligence of the community in those who run for public office. Expelling those who teach doctrines which undermine the authority and influence of our governments. Closing the gates of immigration for at least four years or longer. Going slower in building the nations of Canada and the United States.