Vladimir Putin

Tory, Henry Marshall

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Two writers and their theories on race and civilization. The speaker's asking of a question and his attempt to answer it; and in answering it giving us some reasons why he feels impelled to strike a more optimistic note than that struck by the writers to whom he has referred. The question posed is: "What is civilization?" What civilization is not, and a detailed discussion of what it is proceeds from this point. What would be involved in the destruction of civilization, if the speaker has taken a proper view of what civilization is. The power of the human spirit to assert itself, to face problems which life presents, and to find a solution for them. The speaker's optimistic view; his belief that there is not the slightest sign that man's power to produce wealth will not go on increasing. Wondering whether that will be a blessing. The suggestion that man's power to use knowledge to his own advantage is on the increase. Asking another question: "viewing the world as we see it, is there any real reason to suppose that man is losing that moral stamina which is an absolutely necessary quality for the co-ordination of his intellectual efforts?" The speaker's response to this question. Looking at history to respond to this question. Asking the question as to whether today we are taking the necessary steps to secure that continuous flow of intellectual men that are required for the development of our civilization, and whether we are doing it any better than it was done a generation ago, with response. The utmost importance that we should select the right kind of minds, prepare them for the higher spheres of life, and see that the channels of opportunity are open to all, from whatever walk of life they come. Optimistic confidence in our progress.