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Forsyth, Dr. C. Hogarth

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Dr. Forsyth begins with the story of the rescue of a trapper who set off to do his work, only to become very ill with tuberculosis of the spine and have to be carried out of the wilderness by two other trappers who had come along. The story is told to illustrate something of the caliber of the Labrador people and something of the degree to which they rely on the service that Sir Wilfred Grenfell has built up among them. A description of the Newfoundland Labrador on the Atlantic seaboard of Northern Quebec. The circumstances under which Sir Wilfred Grenfell came to Labrador. Details of Sir Grenfell's work. Hospitals and nursing stations set up to provide some medical services to the people of Labrador. Difficulties of providing medical services in this area. The speaker tells many anecdotes that illustrate the life and culture of the people, also of their interaction with the culture brought to them by Sir Grenfell. Several medical stories are also told. Carrying on Sir Grenfell's work.