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Erasmus, Chief Georges

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The stand against the Meech Lake Accord taken by native people in the summer of last year; such stand not being against Canada or Quebec, but the Accord. The lack of balance in the Accord. A review of the Meech Lake Accord with regard to the issue of the rights of native people. The desire to ensure a proper distribution of power in Canada. Some comments on a number of ways that that could happen. A brief review of the current situation in Canada, with specific reference to the issues involved in the Meech Lake Accord. Canada coming to a fork in the road, where "if we are going to continue to be immersed in a status quo, we're just not going to be together very much longer. Or else we are going to be so disgruntled across this country, we're not going to be able to live with each other." Addressing the needs of Northerners and native people: some background and history. The search for self-government. What is wanted by Northerners and native people, and why. Problems endured by these people now; the fact that patience is at an end. The empty promises made to the Mohawks. A different vision for Canada: land governed by native people. A justice system for native people. An appeal for sovereignty.