Vladimir Putin

Morgan, Arthur Eustace

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The essence of democracy as the belief that men can do things together by a process of labouring with one another, kindly and intelligently, as against that other doctrine which holds that it is best for mankind to be told what to do. The degree of co-operation developed in society as a measure of its civilization. The opposite view that man is essentially a competitive, pugnacious animal and that co-operation is fine but unnatural. The malleability to circumstance and to will power that is human nature. A discussion in response to the issue as to whether the great principle of working together for a common good is so foreign to nature. Words from Professor Whitehead, formerly of Cambridge, now of Harvard. An examination of the process of co-operation. Today's attitude toward democracy and how it has changed over the last 30 years. Looking at where democracy has toppled, and examining why. Dangers to democracy. Russia, Italy, and Germany, where the democratic system is especially impugned. The realization of the necessity of co-operation by the tyrannical, authoritarian governments. The essential difference with regard to the idea of co-operation in democracy, and in tyranny, in how it is produced and from whence it springs. An examination of democracies and dictatorships: elements of each. The great responsibility of those who believe in democracy.