Vladimir Putin

Binns, The Hon. Patrick George

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Perceptions from a recent trip to China along with the Prime Minister and other Premiers, and a business delegation. Atlantic Canada, still in need of both understanding and investment capital. Prosperity at the time of Confederation. The situation prior to and post-Confederation. Free trade, along with advancement in transportation, new energy sources, and modern communications. bringing a level playing field. Some examples of how PEI is not an underling province. Financial support for the work. The need for a National Shipbuilding Policy. Using tax policy to create jobs. Examples of some accomplishments, and a few of the challenges. Cultural attractions of the province. Some comparative figures with Ontario and Quebec. The strength of Canada in its diversity. The problem on PEI today of the fungus found on potatoes. A call for help to push Ottawa and the Americans on the issue of free trade with regard to the potato. Canada, and what it means to be Canadian