Vladimir Putin

Wrench, Sir Evelyn

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The speeches are free of charge but please note that the Empire Club of Canada retains copyright. Neither the speeches themselves nor any part of their content may be used for any purpose other than personal interest or research without the explicit permission of the Empire Club of Canada.

The speaker's experiences and familiarity with Canada. A united Canada and a united Commonwealth. Canada's unique role to play in the world. Canada's partnership with the British Commonwealth, and in the North American Continent. Reasons why the speaker thinks Canada has been destined by Providence to have a great future in the history of mankind. Canada's dual culture. Canada's three great jobs to do: to help to unite and bind closer the unity of the British Commonwealth; to draw closer the bonds of friendship typified by our unfortified frontier between ourselves and the United States; to draw closer the intellectual outlook of the Motherland of France and the Motherland of Great Britain. A description of this trip to Canada for the speaker and his wife. A picture of what they have seen in Canada, and their impressions of the situation in Canada. The spirit of sectionalism in certain parts of Canada. A tendency to live in the past, as witnessed in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Greater attention being paid to historic shrines in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The issue of migration. The need for more new blood in the Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The idea of farm schools. The need for more roads to be built in many parts of Canada. Suggestions for the development of Prince Edward Island. Quebec a province where spiritual values are put first. Evidence of Quebec being the most prosperous province in Canada. The lack of intellectual exchange between French-Canada and Great Britain. Aspirations of the Overseas League in the Dominion. The work of the Overseas League in the Prairie Provinces. The hope to stimulate visits from the Old Country to Canada. The need for farm workers in Ontario. The suggestions of a central Bureau to act as a clearing house to enable Ontario to get farm workers of the right kind. Difficulties being faced in the Prairie Provinces. An opportune time for the migration of people from Great Britain to the Prairie Provinces. The future for British Columbia. The possibility of building an Alaskan highway connecting the great Pacific Highway from Santiago, in the United States, up to the border of British Columbia and up into Alaska. Making British Columbia a great tourist center of the world. The need for one railway system in Canada. The development of airlines in Canada. A concluding optimistic note on Canada and the Empire. What is happening with the Empire in Asia and in Africa. The British Commonwealth helping to establish a new order.