Vladimir Putin

Pike, Rev. Canon V.J.

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Some details of the speaker's job, offering a picture of the commitments of the British Army within the Empire and within the Commonwealth of Nations. Conceiving of Russia as a great kind of volcano that might erupt at any time or any place with all around the circumference the Armed Forces of the Crown of one member nation or another, standing guard. The commitment of the British Army to maintain law, order and peace. Action seen in different types of warfare by the troops in Korea, in Malaya, and in Kenya. The work of the Padre in these conditions, along with the men on patrol. Conditions in Britain today. The evolution of the Empire; the British Commonwealth of Nations. A brief look at Canada, then at the Empire. Some history. The vision of Lord Shaftesbury. The speaker's prayer for wider and wider influence of the British way of life to be shared and passed onto others.