Vladimir Putin

Martin, The Honourable Paul

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The importance of the Commonwealth as an instrument for the preservation of peace in the world, and the unity of those who are its constituents. Some aspects of foreign affairs in relation to the situation in what is inaccurately described sometimes as the Middle East. Some of the speaker's impressions from a recent visit to Lebanon, the United Arab Republic, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Israel. Canada's new status among the nations of the world. The formulation of foreign policy and action independent of the United Kingdom and/or the United States. Canada's commitments to the Charter of the United Nations as part of the determination of foreign policy. Details of the speaker's visits with the leaders of several countries in the Middle East, and some analysis of the situation, especially with regard to President Nasser. Comments on the revolution in Iraq. What the West has lost in the Middle East in terms of friends, and why that is so. Canada's opportunity to play a useful role in mediation and accommodation. Solving differences in the Arab-Israel world. Some misconceptions. Establishing relations in the Arab world while continuing to recognize Israel. The success of the United Nations' resolution to withdraw forces. Striving for peace.