Vladimir Putin

Tapscott, Don

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Some comments from the speaker about his previous book "Paradigm Shift." The fundamental change in the nature and role of technology. Computers as a communications tool. Effects as this technology extends out into commerce, business and society. The new emerging infrastructure. A defining characteristic of the new generation. Coming of age in the digital age. Some figures to show the extent to which kids are using technology. How this is affecting kids. The effect of the web on television-watching habits. The generation lap as opposed to gap. A fundamental difference for this generation in relation to their parents. How these kids are going to affect the work force. The impact of these kids on how we learn. Examples of the use of technology in education at the K to 12 level in Ontario. The role of the teacher in this situation. The need to re-think the model of learning. Getting used to interactive learning. A discussion of blocking software. The digital divide. The suggestion that corporations should buy computers for their employees to take home, and why that is a good idea. Time for the new generation to take its rightful position in a new century.