Vladimir Putin

Cohen, Dean Maxwell

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Foreign policy as a very fashionable subject. Some characteristics of the concept of foreign policy. The great attractiveness of foreign policy. The "inter-penetration" between domestic policy and foreign policy. Two simple Canadian illustrations. An examination with some realism, of the areas where Canada has an influence, the arenas where Canada can have an impact, and those where we cannot. A look at the "great issues" and Canada's freedom to choose among them. First, an outline of a new modern world image that seems to be evolving. Some issues covered include life style; the global village; the city, its rise and its decline; the impact of science and technology; the concept of rising expectations; the permanence of terror and the acceptance of violence; the decline of what the speaker calls the taming forces. The issues which arise from this world image as we come to the 1970s. What we do about them; ways to approach the problem. Classifying the issues into groups. The present call for a restatement of foreign policy futile unless it moves towards some larger concern for other men and other places. Canada's foreign policy choices. Ten suggestions for a possible Canadian programme as foreign policy is reviewed. The need for a well-represented National Advisory Council on Foreign Policy. Choosing, together, Canada's policies wisely and well.