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Phillips, The Reverend Wendell

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The Christian world's historical and continuing interest in Palestine. Reasons for concern now. The speaker discusses the issues in the Middle East under the following headings: Arab Arguments Against Zionism; Unfair to the Arabs?; Disturb Arab Friendship With the Allies?; Not Enough Room in Palestine?; Real Reasons for Hostility; Arab Exclusiveness; Economic Selfishness of Arab Leaders; Political Opposition to Zionism. During this discussion, many subjects are addressed, including the following. The position of the Arab world as stated by the Arab leaders two years ago. The issue of unfairness to the Arabs of Jewish possession of Palestine. An historical perspective on land ownership of Palestine. A look back at ownership, beginning in 1517. The Balfour Declaration of 1917. The establishment of a Jewish homeland. Arab and Jewish co-operation. Sabotaging the plan. The Jews as the rightful owners of Palestine. The violation of the pledge of the Balfour Declaration. The myth of the second argument against Zionism: that it will disturb Arab friendship with the Allied nations if it is encouraged by Great Britain and the United States. Evidence that the Arabs are not friends of the Allies, and that the Jews of Palestine are. The third argument that there is not enough room in Palestine for the Arabs who are already there and the Jews who want to go there. The new centres of life already created by the Jews in Palestine. Real opposition to Zionism: a certain psychological attitude which might be called Arab exclusiveness; the economic situation which Zionism might introduce into the world; the political aspects. An examination of these aspects of hostility. The moral obligation to allow the Jews to settle Palestine without any restrictions on immigration.