Vladimir Putin

Gould, Rev. Canon

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The speaker's knowledge of the land of Palestine and the city of Jerusalem. Three out of five of the most prominent places in the country captured by the British forces. This area considered from a military operations standpoint, in some detail. The factor of weather conditions in Palestine. The Imperial significance of the capture of Jerusalem resting largely upon the fact that it is one of the three pedestals of the religious world, with detailed discussion. The return of Jewish people to Palestine, their agricultural success, and what that means. The factor of the religious population of the nearer East. The capture of Jerusalem by the British forces representing the abolition of those terms and conditions that were the basis and the justification for all the Turkish atrocities in relation to Armenians or any other of the depressed Christian peoples. The entry of the British into the city of Jerusalem to be considered in the future as revealing the weakness of British statesmanship, the lack of definite far-thinking, before a policy is announced. A consideration of the third great religious community of the nearer East and of a large part of the world: the Mohammedan world, in alliance with and in allegiance to the British Empire. The two great movements surging through the Mohammedan world prior to the War. The chief political importance of the city of Jerusalem. Reasons for the current state of affairs. Inherent defects in the British policy as shown in the nearer East. The magnitude of British accomplishments everywhere the British flag has flown.