Vladimir Putin

Cronyn, Hume

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A comparison of the Canadian Constitution with that of the United States: a fundamental difference. Three primary principles to be found in the Magna Charta: the right to personal security, the right of personal liberty, the right of private property. The issue of Canadian Parliamentary power over the executive. Canadian legislature as our final court of appeal. The speaker's protest against laws which he believes undermine our social structure; his sympathies in fact always with the underdog. Criticism against that law which infringes on or repudiates the third of those cardinal principles laid down over 700 years ago: the right to hold, to pledge, to deal with private property. Citing of actual instances of legislation which have offended in this respect: examples to illustrate what the speaker terms the "weak spot" in our Canadian Constitution. A possible remedy for so serious an infringement of the rights of the industrious and economical amongst us. Relating this problem directly to the insurance business, and the protection of individual investors.