Vladimir Putin

Chan, The Hon. Mrs. Anson

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Hong Kong-Canada Business Association. Speaking from the perspective of someone who fully intends to stay and be a part of the post-1997 Hong Kong community. Why Hong Kong matters to Canadian business. Three reasons: Hong Kong is a good customer for Canadian goods and services; Hong Kong is for Canada the pre-eminent gateway for business with China, as for every other country; Hong Kong is the most important international business centre in the Far East. A detailed examination of how Hong Kong has been able to position itself as a place of such importance and attractiveness for international business: a multiplicity of factors. The question of whether or not Hong Kong will be able to continue in this position after 1997. The Hong Kong government's position that there is no doubt that all of the factors discussed must be maintained if Hong Kong is to flourish in the next century. A look at the Joint Declaration signed by China and Britain in 1984. Business confidence at the moment. A detailed discussion of how Hong Kong is going to maintain all those factors that make Hong Kong an attractive business centre. Opportunities for Canadian business.