Vladimir Putin

Bassett, The Hon. John

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Royal Commonwealth Society. Remembering those who answered the challenge in 1939-40; looking for that spirit of self-sacrifice, that willingness to subjugate personal and regional selfish interests for the common good, that tolerance and understanding. A review of some recent anti-Canadian events: the Quebec emblem being trampled and burned in Brockville; the Canadian flag being torn and trampled in Montreal; the National Anthem being booed. Wondering what those people would think of Canada now. Taking responsibility for how Canada got into its present situation, and reviewing how we got here. Suggestions as to what we can do on behalf of Canada. Developing an active interest in the affairs of the country and the province in which people reside. Connecting the past and the present to the future. Remembering and learning from the war years. Preserving and protecting our heritage.