Vladimir Putin

Utgoff, Lieut. V.V.

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The speaker's leaving of Russia about three months ago, crossing the whole of European Russia in a train, wherein Russian military officers related to him the position of the war. Not understanding why the Germans began to fight the Russians. Ways in which this war is good for Russia, allowing its people to understand which is the best way to civilization. Expected changes after the war with regard to liberty for the Russian people. Hoping for less German influence over the Czar. Germany as an old enemy of the Russian people. Why the Russian-Japanese war was not successful for Russia; not a war the people wanted. The speaker's intention to happily relate, back in Russia, what he has seen here in Canada. Thanks extended to the Lord Bishop, who helps the Russians who are living in Toronto. Comments on the Black Sea operation. The story of one of the Russian navy officers who was the first during this war to get the St. George Cross. A story of one of the Russian aviators, Captain Nesereff, his destruction of an Austrian aeroplane and the Captain's subsequent death. Stories of German cruelty. The story of Lieut. Utgoff is related.