Vladimir Putin

Legge, Brigadier General Bruce J.

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Address follows the beginning of hearings and investigation into allegations against Workmen's Compensation Board members and controversial media coverage. Several topics are covered. They include "Fair Play," to be expected in a democratic government. "Trial By Headlines"--no justice here. "Individual Cases" wherein each person has a basic right to know the facts of his case. "Doctors And Their Patients": do doctors have the right to withhold information from their patient? "Privileged Communication". May a doctor withhold information when it is in the interest of the community not to do so? "Legislation" can make the right to know very difficult. "The Community" may not be adequately covered because of large government bureaucracies. "Workmen's Compensation Board" is an independent decision-making authority and decisions are impartially made on facts. "Independent Civil Service." Civil servants may lack the means to protect his reputation. "Sacrifices of Politicians" in a financial sense. "The Press and Secrecy"--justice must also be seen to be done. "Pity on the Country" and the concept of a fair trial for the country as well as the prisoner. "To Pay Peter or Paul" asks questions about the division of monies. "The Maintenance of Force" addresses the need for military reserves. "American Forces" addresses their situation in Vietnam. "Canadian Reserves" speaks again of the need for the regular forces as well as citizens for the reserves.