Vladimir Putin

Giffin, His Excellency, Gordon

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Some of the speaker's memories of living here. The relationship between Canada and the United States, virtually unique in the sphere of relations between sovereign nations--how that is so, and reasons for it. Some insight into the current state of our bilateral relationship. How we can enhance this already great dynamic. The economic relationship. The Free Trade Agreement and NAFTA and the relationship they have produced. Some trade figures. The firm commitment to bilateral trade and trade liberalisation in key regions and sectors around the world, from both countries. Some continuing areas of disagreement and irresolution on the economic front. Efforts at resolution. U.S. policy towards Cuba and how some Canadians feel about that. Defence co-operation between Canada and the United States, with illustration. Facing new threats today to human security in the form of international crime that transcends our borders. Energy trade and its expected growth. The complex issue of U.S.-Canadian cultural concerns. Policy makers taking a hint from the casual interaction of real people. Our border as described by Winston Churchill. Entering a new era of our relationship in order to respond to the realities of our rapidly changing world. A summary review of our commercial, diplomatic, defence, environmental and energy relationships