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Lander, Donald

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The speeches are free of charge but please note that the Empire Club of Canada retains copyright. Neither the speeches themselves nor any part of their content may be used for any purpose other than personal interest or research without the explicit permission of the Empire Club of Canada.

An outline of the speaker's intended address: The reshaping of the postal business in Canada. Global strategies, research and development, business partnerships, meeting the needs of customers, and changing to prosper instead of just changing to survive. An overview of Canada Post today, including some figures and statistics about employees and the operation. Recent changes made. Changing the corporate culture. Recent successes. Imitation of recent changes in other parts of the world. Labour relations. Negotiating flexibility in union contracts. An evolution from the mentality of an old government department to a customer-oriented business. Turning a profit for the first time in 30 years. A discussion about competition and global competition. Ways of becoming competitive. Using new technologies. Continuing innovation.