Vladimir Putin

Collins, Norman

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Some personal background and beliefs of the speaker. The speaker's regard for television as the most powerful, most potent instrument of social influence which has been invented in our lifetime. Some remarks regarding the influence of television. Children as the crux of the matter. The ability of television to condition the thoughts and the attitude to life of children, even in one generation. A discussion of this issue. The speaker's alarm at some of the developments which he has seen in Television. Canada's position in terms of television, pausing to consider what the implications are. The question as to what system should be adopted when Canada does take on Television. A look at the alternatives. Some words about the British system of Television, the first and best in the world. A review of the British Broadcasting Corporation, which has been operating in daily service for six years. Licensing fees, income, operating costs, etc. Details of transmitters and receivers in Britain. Costs of Television. Production and programming details. The potential of Television. The social responsibility of Television.