Vladimir Putin

McDougall, The Hon. Barbara J.

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Facing competing pressures between economic and social objectives by a government facing a fiscal agenda. Self-reliance and personal choice as the basis of prosperity and opportunity in a democratic society. Support for Mr. Wilson's 1985 budget. The mandate for change. Tackling the causes, not the symptoms, of Canada's chronic economic malaise. A budget that makes a fundamental break with the past, and how that is so. Initiatives on job creation and deficit reduction. The aim of securing economic renewal and how it will be done. Measures to streamline government operations, curb its growth, and ensure that public programs are more effectively managed and better targetted to those in need. Controlling the debt. Some dollar figures with regard to the debt and the deficit. An example of how some of the government's decisions will work. A list of internal measures taken by government. A high priority on better management of Crown corporations. Measures to reduce the deficit. Changes to the tax system. Measures to encourage private-sector growth and job creation. An illustration of how the government has been practising what they preach since taking office using the energy accords as an example. What the budget can do for Canadians. Making fair but tough decisions. The budget as a new beginning for Canada. A demonstration of hope and opportunity; democracy and enterprise.