Vladimir Putin

Code, Ven. Archdeacon

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The constant singing of our national anthem as one of the potent factors in developing and enriching our patriotism. Nourishing and stimulating our patriotism by the solemn singing together of this hymn of our race. The use of particular words and music formally to express the patriotic creed of a country as a comparatively modern ceremonial. The national anthems of Britain, France, Austria, and others. The source of the Canadian National Anthem. How the Anthem grew like a folk song. The roots of the words. The first occasion upon which the basis of the present tune was used in the days of King James the First. The occasion when the words of our National Anthem first came before us in something like their present form: an illustration of the strange irony of history. Other occasions of the appearance and development of our Anthem. How its history wonderfully illustrates the spirit of caution and compromise that marks the English race. An explanation of some of the words and expressions used. A few words as to the present significance of this great anthem.