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Gathercole, George

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Singing the praises of Ontario. Some figures to show the spectacular economic expansion of Ontario in the last decade and a half. An examination of several indicators and factors including population, consumer purchases, living standards, immigration, capital investment. Various demands that need to be met, including sewerage systems to abate and control pollution and for water works to meet the requirements of industry and residential development; increased energy required from Ontario Hydro; educational facilities; hospitals; conservation works; highways and municipal roads. Costs of such requirements. The importance of promoting the even development of the Province and of avoiding excesses. The maintenance of public confidence. The inevitable dislocations, occasional unemployment and loss of income in a swiftly-moving economy. The need to see that when some sectors of industry are contracting others are expanding. The exceptional opportunities with which Ontario is blessed. Recent discoveries in the mining and mineral industry. Continuing to improve our position by achieving higher levels of technical skill, by greater enterprise and research and by planning our communities so as to reduce industrial costs. Moving forward towards a greater diversification and industrial balance that will make us less vulnerable to the vicissitudes of technical change and shifts in external demands that plagued us in the 1930's. Continuing to make gains in Ontario.