Vladimir Putin

Jodoin, Claude

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A brief history of organized labour in Canada. Today's living standards. A suggestion that the pressures applied by labour have been instrumental in having us take advantage of the conditions found in Canada. The future: a continuing desire to strive for a better life for all people. Unfilled needs in Canada. The optimistic preliminary report of the Royal Commission on Canada's Economic Future. A forecast of a 66% increase in Canadian living standards. A prediction of increased wage rates. The question of industrial peace. Some remarks about collective bargaining, and strikes. Three specific points made by the Commission. Free collective bargaining as the best method of arriving at an agreement on wages and working conditions. A suggestion that there be more constructive thinking to better relations in the collective bargaining field. The National Planning Association looking at "The Causes of Industrial Peace." Devoting more attention to studies which would help make us familiar with the kind of conditions that lead to good employer-employee relations. Some conclusions from the study of the National Planning Association. Labour's position as regards automation. The need for study and consultation. Pension plans. The concern of the organized labour movement in all progressive forms of social legislation, with examples. National health insurance. The objectives and structure of the labour movement. National and international organizations. Trade unions as a force toward improving conditions for people in the areas that are generally described as underdeveloped. The Canadian labour movement urging government to increase Canadian contributions to the Colombo Plan, to the United Nations' Technical Assistance Programme, and to other forms of assistance. The belief of those in the free trade union movement that the extension of democratic principles such as free collective bargaining is the greatest hope of maintaining a free world.