Vladimir Putin

The Hon. Tony Clement

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Headings used in this speech: Introduction; Changes Due to Common Sense Revolution; Future Policy Challenges; Reducing Role of Government; Increasing Choices for Individuals; Choices in Education; Choices in Health Care; Choices in the Environment; Role of Direct Democracy; Conclusion. Revolutionary change. The need for politics to change and public policy to change. Ontario public policy at a crossroads. The speaker's goal to provoke discussion and thought about what path Ontario should consider. Providing more choice for individuals in how they conduct their lives. Discussion continues under the headings as set out above. Concluding remarks recall Ontario at a crossroads. Putting Ontario back into the game through slaying the deficit dragon, cutting taxes to competitive levels and redesigning some basic elements of government to deliver services in a sustainable manner. Beginning the next phase. Looking to provide Ontarians with the tools to fashion the future for themselves, their families and their wider community. What political leaders need to do.