Vladimir Putin

Sutherland, Lt. Gen. Fred

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A transition in Canada's Air Force that started about 18 months ago. A brief reconstruction of recent Air Force history. Formulating a vision for Canada's Air Force. Taking into account a comglomeration of factors which impact directly or indirectly on the Air Force: its missions, its structures, its equipment, and its people. The contribution of the Air Force in three key areas (national security, the protection of Canadian sovereignty and the national interest) as prime considerations in constructing the vision. Some examples of the kind of contribution the Air Forces make in the area of national interest. Elements of the vision. An answer to the question "what do we get from our Air Force for our hard-earned tax dollars?" including many details of specific projects and operations, and some tributes to our Air Force. Success that transcends the military dimension. Reasons for the speaker's intense pride in the people that serve Canada. A closing quote from President Kennedy.