Vladimir Putin

Calder, Robert Louis

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The question as to whether or not Quebec is a British Province. An exploration and examination of what it is that makes a country British. The test of the British quality of any country and any area. Some comments on the Victorian age. The accomplishment of the Victorian age with regard to the development of a greater liberty for the individual. Elements of the Victorian liberty. The freedom of the British subject, and of what it was composed and compounded: Freedom of speech; Freedom from tyranny on the part of the Civil Service by the operation of the prerogative writs; Freedom from inquisition; Freedom from torture as a method of criminal investigation; Freedom of access to the common courts in order that issues between subjects and between government and subjects might be tried; Trial by Jury; The secrecy of the ballot and the right to controvert illegal and corrupt elections. The speaker's assertion that an infringement of any one of these rights destroys them altogether, and why that is so. An examination and exploration of each of these rights and whether or not they exist in the Province of Quebec, accompanied by specific examples. A look at the Ontario Judicature Act for some similar problems. Some concluding words quoted from Lord Hewart of Bury, Chief Justice of England. The dangers of not maintaining British democracy.