Vladimir Putin

Norstad, General Lauris

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NATO and its inception as a result of a tardily recognised sense of common interest and common involvement which grew, starting in 1949, and which soon extended from Canada and the United States across the eastern ocean and into Europe and beyond to Turkey. The Alliance today as it still embodies in the sum of its combined resources, whether economic, military or intellectual, a potential for peace, for order, for growth and for well-being nowhere matched in the present nor recorded from the past. NATO 18 years later. "Disarray" as the fashionable word for NATO now. One or two courses of action which might be considered. Bringing to mind the original aims of the Alliance as first proclaimed at the outset in 1949. Some contrasting quotes about NATO. The matter of force levels within the NATO structure. The problem of reducing the risk of disastrous war while maintaining the strength that has preserved the peace and maintained our freedom. Canada's contribution. A discussion of disarmament. A discussion of a proposal for a system of control and inspection. How effective it might be and what it would provide. Asking ourselves why the NATO forces are where they are and why they are important. Re-orienting the direction of the Alliance and organising to carry out defence along a new direction other than military.