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Stewart, Reginald

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Music inherent in us all; fundamentally a part of our nature. Early manifestations in the Book of Genesis. Music as the real universal speech of mankind. The experience of hearing music in a concert hall. Wanting to do more for the humble lover of music and those she represents. Why the general public has been conspicuously absent at high class concerts. The role of formality. The barrier that exists in most concerts between the artist and the audience. The capacity of the conductor to break down that barrier. Perceptions of the conductor and his role. Some of the problems that confront a conductor before and during a symphonic performance. A description of the conductor's task. Conditions under which a conductor works. Preparatory work. The audience. A move toward the smaller, more intimate concert. Hearing music through the radio. Making a contribution to the more general appreciation of music in Toronto. The need for a concert hall large enough to accommodate new material. The potential audience of at least 15,000 to hear the best music in Toronto. The large music hall as the solution to every financial problem with which musical organizations are faced. Some audience and cost figures. Spreading the happiness that music was meant to bring.